Happy Halloween from COMPANY where our $XX off ANY cloud server special is all TREAT and no trick!

There's never been a better time to come back to COMPANY than this week…

Our competitors are running scared from COMPANY'S NO TRICKS FULL TRANSPARENCY promise featuring ZERO overselling and $XX off ANY cloud server

That gives you 30 full days to test our cloud platforms and migrate from your existing provider.

Here's how this special offer works:

ANY cloud server priced $XX per month or less is FREE for your 1st month(link bold text to custom landing page or page with details on offer)

The only caveat is that there is a $1 setup charge to simply verify the credit card used (to scare away the ghouls and goblins). (If you don't require this option, line can be removed)

For example, a monstrous SERVER NAME (link name to site with details) featuring…

Normally, $XX per month... yours today for $1!

And screaming fast cloud servers over $XX?  You simply pay the difference

Click below to lock down your new cloud server and save $XX:
<Insert LInk to Custom Landing Page or order form>

REMINDER: Don't miss this offer where you can save $XX off ANY cloud server because it will turn into a pumpkin at MIDNIGHT Halloween.


P.S. Here's how to take advantage of $XX in savings:

  1. Select a server (link to order page).
  2. Configure your server to your liking on the order form.
  3. Then click 'Add to Cart' on the right hand side of the order page.
  4. Complete your order by clicking 'checkout'
  5. Boom! The discount magically appears thanks to a little Halloween magic! (Modify these details to match your site/order checkout process)